Data Cloud Discovery

Pre discovery offer 0€

If you have been following the Salesforce ecosystem, you will know that Data Cloud is the talk of the town. Nevertheless, despite a strong interest in the platform, companies aren’t exactly sure how to get started, or how to justify an investment in a solution where it is hard to discern where that value is.

To assist companies with the challenge of identifying the underlying value in Data Cloud, we have created a pre-discovery and discovery offer to help companies identify the value of Data Cloud and how it can be used to drive value in their business.

0€ Pre-Discovery Consulting

The pre-discovery is a low investment consulting offer that assists companies in their Data Cloud business case development. It provides a clear understanding of the initial high value use cases, their potential returns, and an estimation of the timing and resources required to deploy a solution. Equipped with these inputs, decision makers can confidently move forward knowing whether Data Cloud is right for them or not. All this with no cost to the company, just the time involved to turn up and discuss what they want.

Objective Identification of use cases allowing stakeholders to assess the potential value of Data Cloud.
Cost No Payment for Introductory Offer.
Deliverables / Actions
  • Kickoff
  • Use Case workshop(s) with Stakeholders. Identify main use cases and related business value
  • Data Sources, Modelling and Activations - High Level Schematics
  • Project Planning for MVP - High Level
  • Stakeholder Recap Session
Workload (est)
  • Digital Toulouse 2-3 days approx
  • Product Owner/Focal Point 1 day
  • Stakeholders - 1-2 hours each
Duration 1-2 weeks

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Discovery Consulting

For companies that know that they want to take the leap, the Discovery offer provides all the foundational building blocks to get started. It’s the first step in a Data Cloud project, that is later followed by the standard project phases - design, build, validate and deploy.

Objective Architecting and planning of the final solution. Inputs include, use cases, analytics and identity requirements
Cost Standard daily rate applied.
Deliverables / Actions
  • Kickoff
  • Use case workshop(s) with stakeholders. Identification and priorisation of main use cases
  • Data Sources, modeling and activations - Schematical detailed view
  • Data Auditing - Granular assessment of data inputs and their level of data maturity.
  • Unified Profile reconciliation initial design
  • Project Planning for MVP - Duration, effort and profile requirements.
  • Stakeholder Recap Session
Workload (est)
  • Digital Toulouse - variable depending in context
  • Product Owner/Focal Point 4-5 day(s)
  • Stakeholders - 4 hours each
Duration (Est) 3-4 weeks

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